Why Intermittent Fasting is so Easy and Effective

Intermittent fasting works wonders for those looking to lose weight. In fact, it’s probably one of the easiest and more straightforward weight loss plans out there. As long as you adhere to your fasting and feeding window, you can rest assured knowing that big changes are on their way. Not only does intermittent fasting transform … Read more

Autophagy: The Critical Fasting “Switch” to Purge Waste and Fat

From the prevention of disease to total-body cellular rejuvination and anti-aging, these autophagy benefits will inspire you to schedule a few longer fasts into your routine. Look at autophagy as the housekeeper who cleans your room when you’re not around. Except instead of your room – it’s your body that gets the reboot – purging … Read more

Hour by Hour Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

When it comes to intermittent fasting, every second counts. Your 12th hour is not equal to your 17th hour, for example, so it is important to truly understand the EXACT hour by hour benefits of intermittent fasting so that you can maximize your time spent fasting while reaping the most weight loss and health benefits … Read more

Intermittent Fasting 101 – 7 Tricks that Helped Me Lose 70lbs

Intermittent fasting 101: 7 intermittent fasting tricks for beginners to kick start your weight loss safely and effectively. This article will explain exactly how to set yourself up for fasting success, while giving you some simple “mind hacks” and tools to help you banish the barriers standing between you and the body of your dreams.  … Read more